Common Stropharia project is a remarkable
music brand from Moscow since 1993.
The leader  Dmitri Polikarpov  has passed through
various psychedelic and sound experiments,
inviting many guest musicians to accompany his performances.

In 90s the diamond of russian underground STROPHARIA
looked more like a theatre than a ussual electronic band,
played dark psychedelic ambient, rhythm and noise,
nord minimalism with video instalations and slide shows.
Played usually two or more hours and reached
very special ritual atmosphere.
Beeing a live band STROPHARIA never stayed the same.
They used various names: 23 dolphins, Bluemarine, Superstropharia etc.
Among the published albums the most striking and popular
was "23 Dolphins", recorded in 1997
(It was a collection of live performances dated 1996-97,
recorded in clubs or elsewhere).
Then Dmitri with his friends Veronika and
Sergey played authentic industrial,
using Soviet synths, rhythm boxes, acoustics and tapes.

In the beggining of 21 century STROPHARIA
changed its groove to acid tekno,
Dmitri began to use machine grooves,
mixing them with authentic trance atmospheres,
staying unique in the way of soundmaking.
Very special and romantic was Dmitri's
solo album "Space Odesseya", dated 2001.

It will be very long and uneasy to name all the musicians,
poets, shamens who has taken part in STROPHARIA
(there were hunderds of them), but among ussual guests are:

Alexander Lugin (Sever), Alexei Samohin (H 23),

Alexei Petin, Motor, Alexei Chulanski, MAO.
STROPHARIA has recorded a lot of nice and
LP authentic music and released a little.
Nowdays the lab keeps working and making
new sounds and atmospheres.
For example in year 2006 STROPHARIA
visited India, Himalayas, and recorded there
a very deep and light album "Radio Himallaya",
that is incomparable! Reaching the psychedelic
state with this music suggests going
your own independent trancepersonal way.

web site >>> STROPHARIA.RU
(english version will be aviable soon... )
page with mp3s >>> MUSIC

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